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Healers Deserve to Receive Abundantly

Remove Energetic Obstacles to

Your Success

Let Your Angels Guide You

Your Exact Niche and Perfect Market

Clearly define the exact purpose for your spiritual abilities as it relates to business and who your best target market is. 

Obstacles to Clear

Get to the heart of why what you've tried isn't working. Find out if there are supernatural forces working against you.  

Strategy To Move Forward

Receive a path forward directly from your angelic team. Save time and effort by knowing your next steps and how to continue getting guidance. 

What We'll Do:

Find Your Exact Niche and Target Market

We'll communicate with your angels and guides to see exactly who you're meant to serve and what your life purpose is. 

Your angels and I translate that into a business offering and give steps to success

Pinpoint Obstacles
to Remove

Most people know they have personal blocks to clear related to their business.

But, did you know that many spiritually gifted people are also blocked in the spirit realm? We'll ask your angels if that you're blocked in the spirit world and how to clear all obstacles to success.

It's about moving forward with Divine permission and protection

Create a
Path Forward

Your angels know how to get you there

All you have to do is tap in. Once you know your gifts' purpose and who to serve, your angelic team will show you how to attract clients.


We'll explore working together to take advantage of all the assistance the Universe has to offer!

What Clients Say

Maria Larkin Testimonial.jpg

Attracting Right Fit Clients

Charmaine cleared blocks to deservedness and wealth and now new clients are purchasing my packages full price without money complaints. I’m attracting clients who can afford my offerings and value my work now. 

Maria Larkin, M.Ed, RDN/LD

Functional Medicine Dietitian/Nutritionist 

Martha Alexander photo.jpg

A safe space to
explore your gifts

Charmaine has taught me how to communicate with my spirit guides and how to protect my energy when I am working with clients. Charmaine creates a safe, judgment free space to explore your deeper intuition, spirituality and gifts.

Martha D. Alexander, JD

Intuitive Energy Healer

Shana Gold photo.JPG

Attract Clients

I used to depend solely on [infrequent] referrals. I never took action consistently. After working with Charmaine, I enjoy networking meetings and sales. My business has grown so much and I’ve hit my quarterly goals!

Shana Gold

Executive Communication Coach


Charmaine Diallo

Since 2018,  I have been helping conscious business owners to tap into their own intuition, attract their ideal clients and

increase their  revenue.

I combine my business experience and angelic communication skills to help you access and develop your business strategy for attracting your ideal client in alignment with your life's purpose. 

I increase client's money container so that they can tap into the Universal flow of abundance and ease. Sales and marketing will be fun and more ease-ful for you!

You'll have techniques and the energy attraction to create the wealth and time freedom that you started your business for in the first place!

When you have no energetic ceiling, the sky is truly the limit.

Talk with me to learn your life's purpose

for your spiritual gifts.

Your purpose, combined with your personal money formula are the key to attracting your ideal clients and increasing revenue with ease!

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