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Do you wake at 3AM?
It could be a Spiritual Awakening!


FREE Quiz to see if you are waking up due to spiritual gifts!

 Harness them for good sleep and a spiritual advantage!

Stop the energy dumping
and draining for good.

You know you're sensitive and take on others' energy

You're exhausted and frustrated

You should know - it doesn't have to be that way

You can stay compassionate without the energy drain

Your body is the key to permanent and effective protection

There's an energy barrier within you ready for you to access

It just needs to be developed

What is Recall Truth?

Recall Truth is dedicated to helping Empaths thrive and

prepare to use their energy healing gifts.  

We release your personal patterns and behaviors

that cause you to pick up others' energy and allow energy drain.


We also use several energy healing modalities to access and develop the natural energy boundaries already within your body.

Together, we help you stop taking on others' stress and pain

and stop allowing others to drain your energy.

The result is that you will attract more respectful treatment from others and uphold your own energy boundaries permanently and effectively.

Who is it for?

This is for sensitives who want to stop the endless cycle of energy

drain and not being able to enjoy their lives without picking up others' stress.

This program is for Empaths who want to develop their body's innate energy protection barrier and be fully protected. We help sensitives be fully protected and ready to thrive in whatever way they see fit! 


A few things to know about me

Supporting Empaths in energy protection since 2018 - As a formerly exhausted Empath, I understood that I couldn't serve others well without protecting my energy.  I was limited in what I could do because healing others was exhausting me without my natural boundaries in place. Now, my ability to thrive and serve is unlimited! ​

My mission is to heal and prepare Empaths to use their skills in service of our Planet. There is an epidemic of negativity and a loss of consciousness on this planet. We can counter that with protection of Empaths, who in turn can create a bigger healing impact, from a place of protection and power.​

Educational background - My degree is in Psychology with a focus on Human Development - I understand the mental as well as spiritual processes that leave Empaths vulnerable. Empath Energy Freedom is designed to address the whole person, creating a powerfully protective body, mind and spirit dynamic.

Work with Me

Free Energy Protection Guide

Learn about your body's built-in energy protection system and get tips to help with the overwhelm!

Empath Energy Freedom Program

Meet weekly to heal your patterns of overwhelm. Find support, community  and guidance in learning to build strong, permanent boundaries that keep your energy in and others' out! 

Private Energy Coaching

Work privately with me to release patterns of allowing draining and taking on energy. Get individual support putting effective, permanent boundaries in place.

Client Feedback

image0 (2).jpeg

"The best result from working with Charmaine has been that I am encouraged to face sabotaging beliefs and painful emotions I thought had already been resolved. I have learned the personal benefits of creating healthy boundaries.  Her work has motivated me to acknowledge areas where I can grow. In calling back my soul pieces, I feel like I am becoming more whole and experiencing more healing."

Stephanie B., Houston TX

Stop the energy drain for good!

Download the FREE

Energy Protection Guide!

Your body has a built in energy protection system. 

You just need to know how to access it! 

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