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I was ashamed my business wasn't growing

I would hardly ever have sales conversations. I wasn't attracting new contacts on a regular basis. When I did have sales conversations, my prospects would say my services were too expensive or they would give some other excuse. 

I was trained to do sales in a way that was uncomfortable and impersonal. I was taught to get as many sales conversations as I could and convince the person in front of me to buy. I would be desperate at the sales appointment because I didn't have many meetings on the books. They just had to buy!

I would cringe each time I had an appointment because I didn't feel worthy of a calendar full of clients. I believed you had to work hard to achieve success, too. 


The prospective clients felt it, too. They would respond that my offering was too expensive or the timing wasn't right. They were responding to my energetic attraction. I was repelling them with scarcity energy and fear of success!

If you're energy says "I don't deserve a certain amount of success "or "I'm unworthy of ease in my business," that's exactly what you'll get.

I went to training after training and finally, I realized. I was doing it someone else's way. I decided to use cellular memory to my advantage. I released my trapped energy about money scarcity and deserving support and time freedom. 

And, it worked! I started attracting my ideal clients who set sales appointments more easily. When I put my marketing out there, my energy signature was right there with it. I began to attract people who were right, ready and available to receive what I had to offer. And, when I asked them to enroll, they would say yes or ask questions about how to enroll. No more complaining about the price or not having time!

If you have all the clients you want and always find more with ease, chances are your attraction is already where you need it to be. But, if you aren't having all the sales conversations that you want and not registering as many clients as you'd like, we should talk about what you've been attracting and how to upgrade it.

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