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Live Better by Preserving Your Vital Energy

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You Can Protect Your Energy Permanently and Effectively

Taking on others' energy is merely a symptom of being unprotected

Your body-mind system has a built in energy protection system that just needs training 

Once trained, your body-mind system can protect you permanently and effectively

Once trained, your body-mind system will protect you without visualizations or techniques

It's natural to be sensitive AND protected

When you are fully and effectively protected, you can be your most productive and enjoy life more!

How to do it differently


I feel lighter now, not so depressed.

After just a few sessions working with Charmaine, I felt more relief and hope. I was overwhelmed with grief for a deceased relative and I feel lighter now, not so depressed.


I was able to feel some closure on a past relationship as well. I feel freer to move on. I will definitely continue working with her to achieve more peace and happiness."

M. Knowles, Houston, TX

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I have learned the personal benefits of creating healthy boundaries. 

"The best result from working with Charmaine has been that I am encouraged to face sabotaging beliefs and painful emotions I thought had already been resolved. 


I have learned the personal benefits of creating healthy boundaries.  Her work has motivated me to acknowledge areas where I can grow. I feel like I am becoming more whole and experiencing more healing."

Stephanie B., Houston, TX


...class answered the unknown reasons, and gave me tools to put this behind me. 

Thank you for the amazing sleep course. I no longer wake at 3am, of course my husband thanks you as well. 

Before the course, both our lives were disturbed by my energetic disturbances.


The three days I was in class answered the unknown reasons, and gave me tools to put this behind me. 

J. Woods, California


Charmaine Diallo

Since 2018,  I have been helping conscious business owners to develop their natural energy protection, guard their vital energy and increase their revenue and client base by adjusting their energy attraction. 

I combine my Psychology background  and several energy work modalities to help you access and develop your personal energy signature to protect your vital energy, increase your abundance and work with as few or as many clients as you would like, comfortably.

By fully protecting yourself, you'll be able to conduct group programs and work with multiple clients a say without allowing others to drain you.


You'll assist as many or as few clients as you like because you'll also be able to raise your prices and take on new clients. You won't have to spend so much time recovering from sessions because you'll guard your vital energy for your use ONLY. 

We'll raise your financial allowing so you can call in all the abundance and clients you want.  You'll have techniques and the energy attraction to create the wealth and time freedom that you started your business for in the first place!

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