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Yes! I want to stop absorbing others' energy without visualizations or shielding!

You know you’re an Empath and…

it helps you relate to others 

it feels great to confirm your senses are correct 

you want to develop your abilities and serve others. 

But Being an Empath doesn’t feel like a gift because: 

  • You are constantly tired 

  • You’ve tried visualizations and energy shielding with little to no results 

  • Others dump negativity or pain on you for relief

  • You’re waking up between 3 and 4 AM most every morning

And, you wonder, do I have to be an emotional sponge?


Imagine if you could stop the energy drain permanently by developing your own body systems!

Being an Empath doesn’t mean you have to allow others to drain your energy.

You can train your body-mind system to protect your energy level, mood and sleep!

That's what Empath Energy Protection for is all about!

You have an innate system ready to guard your energy. You just haven't learned how it works yet.

Your body-mind system can protect you without using any visualizations or shielding techniques. You are fully equipped to protect your energy sensitivity already. 

To protect your energy effectively, you need a strong body-mind system that supports your everyday needs. 

I discovered how to protect my energy after years of absorbing other’s emotions and being drained. I tried white light shielding, grounding, and visualizing protective bubbles, but gave up when they didn’t work.

I thought I was doomed to be exhausted and moody my whole life.

I always thought that if I could absorb others' energy, then there must be a way to control what I take in, too. Turns out, there is! I found that I could guide my own body-mind system to protect me. And, I help my clients do this, too.

As a result, I created a system for Empaths to protect their energy while still having access to their sensitivity.  

Introducing Empath Energy Freedom

….where you’ll learn how to control your own energy and develop strong boundaries.

So, being yourself won’t wear you out! 

Does that sound good? If so, keep reading…

Here’s what we’re going to do together: 



As you learn to effectively protect your energy, let’s remove the negative energy you’ve already absorbed and start to control the energy drain. 

  • I’ll help you learn to effectively release other’s energy so you begin to feel relief

  • We’ll work together to recognize your patterns allow energy drain

  • We’ll also learn to bring in optimal energy for your unique system 

The result:

You’ll begin feeling more energized and understand how some of your life patterns may have drained you in the past, all while you learn to protect yourself in the long run.


Educate - As we continue to build your system through energy work, you’ll learn why this method works so well. 


  • We’ll discover and release inherited and learned patterns of absorbing energy. You’ll understand why you have been allowing others to drain and dump energy on you, despite efforts to protect yourself.  

  • We’ll uncover unconscious energy agreements we have with others that compel us to give away energy to loved ones and carry their pain.  

  • We’ll understand why we need to develop energetic boundaries as we build them.



Result: You’ll improve your protection in two ways: with conscious knowledge of the root causes of the draining and with group energy work that nourishes your protective system. 


Emerge as a Capable Empath - Now that your energy protection system is established, let’s learn the simple weekly maintenance that will keep it running smoothly


  • We will practice using our protection system for permanent, effective use through techniques which replenish our energy, remove the lingering absorbed energy, and ensure our boundaries are effective. 

  • Now that we are well protected, we’ll explore uses for our abilities.

Result: You can confidently move forward, knowing that you are protected. If you choose to serve with your abilities, you can rest assured that you won’t be absorbing negative energy as you help others.  

Here's what you get when you join us:
We're going to partner closely together over 8 weeks with all the training, accountability and support you need to get real results. 


My name is Alexa Young

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text.



My name is Alexa Young

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text.



My name is Alexa Young

Briefly introduce yourself and share something interesting with website visitors. Double click to edit the text.

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Group Calls
Empath Energy Protection
Increase your energy levels as you build your innate energy protection system
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Learn the why and how you personally accept energy and continue to craft your energy protection system. 
Become an Empath leader who commands their energy and is energetic and protected.
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