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Here's how to make the most of your FREE gift:

1. Watch the Stop the 3AM Wake ups Video to learn to sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

2. Let's chat about and confirm your abilities in a FREE exploration session
with your angels.

We can discuss exploring your gifts and next steps together. See you soon!

Spiritual Giftedness


Charmaine Diallo

Since 2018,  I have been helping spiritually gifted men and women to tap into their own intuition, contact their angelic guidance team and receive messages clearly and accurately.

I combine several energy work modalities to help you access and communicate with the Spirit realm.  I also certify people with gifts and help healers make their life purpose into a thriving business.

You'll be able tap into the Universal guidance and hear the messages that are most important to you. Working with your abilities can be fun and exciting!

You'll have techniques to connect and hear from your angelic guidance and serve others, if you choose!

Client Feedback


M. Knowles, Houston, TX

After just a few sessions working with Charmaine, I felt more relief and hope. I was overwhelmed with grief for a deceased relative and I feel lighter now, not so depressed.


I was able to feel some closure on a past relationship as well. I feel freer to move on. I will definitely continue working with her to achieve more peace and happiness."

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Stephanie B., Houston, TX

"The best result from working with Charmaine has been that I am encouraged to face sabotaging beliefs and painful emotions I thought had already been resolved. 


I have learned the personal benefits of creating healthy boundaries.  Her work has motivated me to acknowledge areas where I can grow. I feel like I am becoming more whole and experiencing more healing."


J. Woods, California

Thank you for the amazing sleep course. I no longer wake at 3am, of course my husband thanks you as well. 

Before the course, both our lives were disturbed by my energetic disturbances.


The three days I was in class answered the unknown reasons, and gave me tools to put this behind me. 

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