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Person Participating in Video Call

Group Session

Efficient energy healing setting that allows you to release mental and emotional blocks confidentially in a group.

Work with Charmaine in a group setting to recognize and work on your key area(s). She will identify and release the blocks that are most important for you to release now. She will also stop energetic momentum that has resulted from the blocks. Charmaine will apply soul work to encourage soul wholeness and protection. We meet weekly for 60 minutes. Charmaine's services are meant to complement, not replace, any medical services you may need.

Please note: All information is confidential. We are in a group setting, but every one is receiving personalized energy work and clearing. Sharing is optional and has no effect on your energy and soul work results. Specific events and details are not relayed to Charmaine. The messages she receives from Source are meant to inspire connections in your mind between events and emotional or mental blocks that are ready to resolve.

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