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Psychic Self-Defense

Terms and Conditions

Recall Truth 

Psychic Self-Defense Services Agreement

This agreement is between You and Recall Truth LLC (RT) upon purchase. Recall Truth LLC, hereafter known as RT. RT agrees to provide the Services as per the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon your purchase.

1. Key Terms

1.1. Services

RT shall provide group energy and soul work sessions via Zoom. Your recurring monthly plan includes 4 sessions per calendar month.

1.3. Investment

The price for provision of services shall be: $97.00

1.4. Payment - Client agrees to pay RT $97.00 a month, until cancelled. 

1.5. RT agrees to invoice Client to pay via authorized credit card 

1.6. Termination 

The Client may cancel the recurring monthly payment with 30 days written notice. An email to and our reply in a confirmation email will be required for cancellation.

2. General Terms 

2.1. Relationship Of The Parties 

The Parties acknowledge and agree that Services performed by RT shall be as a service provider

2.2. Confidentiality 

All work is private and confidential. All information discussed will be held in strict confidence. At the end of (or perhaps during) the process, your testimonial, plus photo will be requested.

2.3. Miscellaneous 

a. RT warrants that it will perform Services with utmost care and skill. RT makes no guarantees as to what results the client will or will not receive. 

b. RT shall complete its obligations under this Agreement within a reasonable and mutually convenient time frame. 

c. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the jurisdiction of Fort Bend County in the state of Texas.

d. In the case of any dispute between the client and Recall Truth, the parties agree to try to resolve the dispute through friendly and amicable discussion. If that fails, the parties agree to use mediation. 

e. RT can terminate the services relationship for any good cause, including if the client is mistreating other participants or any practitioner at RT, as well as otherwise disrupting the group sessions. In the event of serious disruption, the practitioner will attempt to remedy the situation with the client first. If the disruption continues, RT may choose to end the service relationship. If the disruption is due to poor behavior on the part of the client, there will be no refund. 

f. RT can terminate the relationship for any other reason if the client-practitioner relationship is not a good fit. In this case, the client will be given a refund commensurate with the situation.

g. Severability - Any provisions found to be invalid will be severable and the remainder of the agreement will remain enforceable. 

h. All parties agree that this agreement is complete and any modifications must be first agreed upon and signed off on by both parties.

By purchasing, you are agreeing to the terms of this Agreement, and you authorize payment by valid credit card.

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