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Yes! I want to learn to communicate with the spirit realm !

You are waking at 3AM because you have spiritual abilities, but you don't have to.

You have a natural gift to communicate with Spirit.

Come and learn to use it!

Imagine having a systemized way to
communicate with the Spirit realm: 

  • You can help yourself and others who've lost a loved one

  • You can communicate with Spirit confidently and clearly

  • You can control 3AM wakeups and other energy disturbances

  • You can explore developing your gifts into a livelihood

That's the power of
our Mediumship Skills Class!

The good news is that you already have everything you need for mediumship within you

I'll teach you a structure to use your gifts in a predictable way - so you can use them with confidence!

Thinking of Ideas

Your system already has a built-in spiritual communication system

You just need to learn to use it! 


Charmaine Diallo

Years ago, Charmaine trained in mediumship and began helping other mediums. What she discovered was that many mediums, even ones with decades of experience didn't know  how to use their gifts predictably and create a real business with them. 

She found many experienced mediums who were still working other jobs because they couldn't figure out how to turn their gift into a predictable, full time income. 

Charmaine has developed a systemized approach to mediumship and a business model for mediums to prepare and serve at levels that will allow time and financial freedom. 

She is dedicated to passing on correct energy work knowledge to help sensitives live comfortably and turn their calling into a lucrative livelihood.


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Sign me up! I'm ready to learn mediumship!

Here's what you'll learn

  • Why you wake up at 3AM and how to stop it 

  • A system to communicate with the Spirit world 

  • How to help the living and the departed with your gifts

  • How to integrate your gift into your current lifestyle 

  • Mediumship business models

  • A separate Q&A session for additional support

  • There's also Spirit communication practice time included in the class schedule!  

By the end of the class, you'll:

Understand your gifts on a deeper level

Have new skills and a communication system to implement immediately

Please note: If you feel unsure that you have mediumship abilities, please contact me ( I will confirm them for you!

Here's what you get when you join us:
Virtual Team Meeting

Mediumship Instruction

We'll spend 90 minutes learning to communicate with the Spirit realm in a clear and predictable manner.

We'll also practice our skills together and develop more confidence and clarity. 

You'll have lifetime access to the training recording and a BONUS Q & A session

If you are true beginner (no experience getting answers from Spirit at all), you'll get a supplemental training video to get you up to speed for the class.

Live Training and BONUS Q &A Session

During the class, Charmaine will teach the mediumship communication structure in detail and give practice time.

Not only will you have Q & A the day of the class, but we will have a separate Q & A  session two weeks later so you can ask follow up questions once you have tried your new skill! 

All Hands In

Supportive Community of Fellow Mediums

  • Find practice partners to hone your skills

  • Get feedback and ask questions to support the whole community, even after class is over

  • Find practice partners to hone your skills

  • See others’ “ahas” and experiences as well

Let's Recap Everything You Get 

Live Group Training Class (Value: $497)

Mediumship Communication System (Value: $297)

Private Facebook Group (Value: $197)

The total value of everything altogether is $991

You can get it all for just $97 

Recall Truth round letters logo.png

Register now for $97​

Client Feedback

Kathryn W., Canada

Ezekiel Harris, USA


Before the course, both our lives were disturbed by my energetic disturbances.


The three days I was in class answered the unknown reasons, and gave me tools to put this behind me. 

J. Woods, California

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