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Spiritual Abilities Guide 

Stop searching for your next certification and start using your gifts!

When Your Guides Give You Your Path,
You Can Stop Searching and Start Using Your Gifts

No more running from certification to certification
Absolute knowing what your gifts are and what to do with them

A Mentor to Get You Started

I'm Ready to Stop Searching and
Start Using My Gifts

Client Success

Martha Alexander photo.jpg

Charmaine is a phenomenal healer. I have known her for several years and every time I work with her, I feel clear, centered, balanced and have amazing energy. She has taught me how to communicate with my spirit guides and how to protect my energy when I am working with clients.


Charmaine leads with her heart, while still having an amazing sense of humor. We laugh and heal together. Charmaine creates a safe, judgment free space to say everything and anything and to explore your deeper intuition, spirituality and gifts.

Martha D. Alexander, JD

Intuitive Energy Healer

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