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Protect Your Energy
As An Empath


You know you’re an Empath and being with others can be overwhelming and exhausting. 


You wake up at 3AM or have hormonal issues


You want to stop taking on others energy with others without shielding or visualizations


The good news is, just as you have energy sensitivity, you also have a system in your body to protect you.

Your body already has a built-in energy protection system.

You just need to train it to work for you.

What is Empath Energy Freedom?

Empaths do not have to allow energy drain

Your body has a built-in protection system

You just have to train it

Once trained, you won't need any visualizations or shielding exercises

Your body's protection system is the most efficient and permanent way  to guard your energy and prevent drain.  

Are you an "aware but impaired Empath"?

Do you know (or suspect) you are accepting energy or giving energy away?

Do you want to take back control of your energy?

Do you want to be empowered in your gifts?

Are you interested in learning more about how you can benefit from your abilities?

The Empath Energy Freedom is for you!

Who is it For?


Charmaine Diallo

Since 2018,  I have been helping Empaths who are exhausted, having hormonal issues and waking up at 3AM regularly because they accept energy from others and allow energy drain.


I am trained in several energy healing modalities and I lead Empaths to build the strong, protective energy boundary system that's already present in their bodies so they can stop absorbing energy and allowing others' to drain them.  

I combine education and several energy work modalities to help you access and build your innate protection system. 

Once you train your protection system, the effects are permanent and effective. No need to recreate it every morning or night.

Empath Energy Freedom
Increase your energy levels as you build your innate energy protection system
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Learn the why and how you personally take on others' energy and continue to craft your energy protection system. 
Become an Empath leader who commands their energy and is energetic and protected.


Schedule your Chat with Charmaine 

Find the most draining areas in your life

Create a vision for improvement

Explore if we're a good fit to work together


Click here to schedule your 15 minute discovery session

I look forward to speaking with you soon!


I learned that Empaths don’t have to spend their lives fending off other’s energy.

I was exhausted for years. It  took a toll on my life because I was too tired to do the things I enjoyed. I thought this due to aging and stress. I had no idea that I was allowing others to drain my energy because I'm an Empath.

I learned that Empaths don’t have to spend their lives fending off other’s energy. I learned a permanent way to protect my energy, rather than feeling overwhelmed or powerless by others.  I highly recommend working with Charmaine!

Amy S., Versailles, France

me pic.jpg

I feel like a new woman!

"Last week, after our session, I booked a room in a hotel for the night. It was a much-needed retreat, and I feel like a new woman!


I attribute it to not only a good night's sleep, but your amazing help as well. I'm very grateful for all you've done. I slept an uninterrupted five hours last night, and no waking between 3-4!  


I've also slept deeper the last few nights than I have in years!  

Kelly L., USA

Josephy tux_edited.jpg

She's has been able to uncover a variety of personal challenges that were beneath the surface. 

"It’s refreshing to work with Charmaine. She's has been able to uncover a variety of personal challenges that were beneath the surface.  


I’ve been able to use that information as a lens to work on my current challenges.  She is very sincere and genuinely cares about her clients and wants what’s best for us."

Joseph DeRieux,Alameda, CA 


After just a few sessions working with Charmaine, I felt more relief and hope. I was overwhelmed with grief for a deceased relative and I feel lighter now, not so depressed.


I was able to feel some closure on a past relationship as well. I feel freer to move on. I will definitely continue working with her to achieve more peace and happiness."

M. Knowles, Houston, TX

image0 (2).jpeg

Stephanie B., Houston, TX

"The best result from working with Charmaine has been that I am encouraged to face sabotaging beliefs and painful emotions I thought had already been resolved. 


I have learned the personal benefits of creating healthy boundaries.  Her work has motivated me to acknowledge areas where I can grow. I feel like I am becoming more whole and experiencing more healing."

Stephanie B., Houston, TX

Janet Woods, CA

Thank you for the amazing sleep course. I no longer wake at 3am, of course my husband thanks you as well. 

Before the course, both our lives were disturbed by my energetic disturbances.


The three days I was in class answered the unknown reasons, and gave me tools to put this behind me. 

J. Woods, California

Kathryn W., Canada

Ezekiel Harris, USA

You're Next! 

What's your ENERGY FREEDOM story going to be about?
Join us for the Challenge to see!
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