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Ever Wonder How to Stop Taking on Others' Stress?

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Now that you know Empaths have the ability to take in stress and overwhelm from others, you may be wondering (or Googling) how to stop absorbing energy from others. I know I did.

I was frustrated about accepting others' energy involuntarily. I didn’t want to feel like a victim.

There are two different issues that many Empaths experience and want relief from. The first is that we can take in energy from others. As long as everyone is happy, it's OK. But, when someone is angry, depressed or generally displeased, it can literally “rub off” on you. Your whole mood can change just from being in the room with someone who's upset. Ever notice that?

The second concern is that we give away our energy to others, in the form of actively listening or even just observing. This can cause exhaustion, even while we may be on vacation or relaxing with friends.

So, as your energy is depleted, you may also feel overwhelmed and “wired but tired” each day.

If you have been searching for ways to stop taking in others' energy, you’ve more than likely found different techniques and tools to help. There are many blogs and videos that offer ways to keep other’s stress and overwhelm out of your system. And, my hats off to people who are intending to help Empaths. They’re probably sensitives who’ve suffered from energy drain and taking on energy themselves (like me!)

Some of the most common techniques are shielding and visualizing. The idea is to use your thoughts to create a barrier between you and other people’s emotions.

The visualization usually involves imagining yourself surrounded by a protective light, which is supposed to prevent any negativity from hitching a ride with you. The golden bubble (or any other variation color) is also based on the premise that you can shield yourself from negative energy by creating a protective, impenetrable barrier.

I hate to break the news to you, but myself and many other Empaths have reported that the techniques available were largely unhelpful at stopping the energy from coming into their system.

They are still tired and carrying others' emotions.

Other techniques suggest ways of releasing emotional energy once it is already absorbed into your system. Some sensitives may feel relief after, but many times the energy is not released or only partially released.

It’s not hopeless!

Many Empaths believe they are doomed to this viscous cycle of taking in others' emotional energy and having their own energy drained. However, Empaths were never supposed to get overloaded with other people’s stuff in the first place! There’s a simpler answer than we’ve been led to believe.

If you’re just hearing about these techniques, don’t worry. If you've considered these techniques with little success, I have a treat for you! If you’re curious about finding real relief that isn’t damage control, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.


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