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She spent $1000 on her hair and it changed my life!

I came across a woman who really needed my services. She was having all kinds of spiritual energetic disturbances - her lights were flickering and she was hearing noises that made her and her family uncomfortable. Yes, she had ghosts!


She said she couldn’t afford the work and I immediately caved. I didn’t require her to pay my full rate because I was trying to “help” her.

I charged her a ridiculously low rate. 

I thought I was being of highest service!

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She wasn’t very serious about the sessions and really didn’t value them at all. She was almost getting them for free! I kept my word and went on clearing her and her home’s energy.

I began to resent the work I did for her. I had finally learned my lesson not to give my work away!

Fast forward a few months, and it’s time to renew her agreement and see if she wants to continue the work. I had already decided I didn’t want to continue EVEN IF she paid my actual rate. The whole experience was terrible.

And, to add insult to injury, when I was talking to her, she told me she just spent over $1000 getting her hair done! I was speechless!

As broke as she was, she found $1000 to get her hair done. One. Time.


I decided right then and there to never accept those money excuses any more. Sometimes clients really don’t have the money right there at their disposal, but if they are truly interested, they’ll find a way to create it.

I’ve heard coaches say, "help them come up with ways to get you the money!" And, I had always been afraid to do that at the “closing table.” After that day, I understood. If they don’t give you value for your services you offer, you’ll always feel slighted (and have low revenue or be working too hard).

I also learned that if they won't invest in their transformation, they aren't serious about it. You want committed clients who are willing to stick out their neck and their wallet out to work with you.

These are the clients who show up on time and do the work. They’ve got skin in the game.

And remember this, what someone else can afford  is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. You don’t know how much someone else values your work. You set your service/products’ value (price), offer excellent work and accept their value (money) in exchange for your value (service or product). That’s an energetic principle. Even exchange.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have philanthropy built into my business model. But, not to where I have to work more hours than I want to achieve my revenue goals.

I invite you to work with the next potential client who says they can’t afford your work. (First, find out if that is a real issue or a cover for another excuse.) 

Don’t just let them off the hook for the thing they just said they wanted from you. It’s your job to serve them and sometimes that means helping them find a way to pay you your due. It’s alright. You have my permission to accept your your money, honey!

Comment if you've ever undercharged!


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