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What is grounding?

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

If you’re over 30, you may have heard of grounding in your computer class at school. You were supposed to hold on to something metal when you turned your computer. I think it had to do with static electricity? (energy) I don’t even really remember what it was supposed to do, but I remember being taught to do it!

The idea of grounding the body, however, has been around since the beginning of humanity. Grounding is based on the premise that the Earth’s core is magnetic material. (Don’t worry if you believe the Earth is round or flat, it can still work for you!). Grounding is a very simple process that connects you with the Earth’s magnetic core and can help rejuvenate you naturally.

When you’re tired or overwhelmed, you can use your bare feet to plug directly into the Earth to release difficult feelings and thoughts. It’s like hugging a tree, but instead, the planet! Simply sit in a regular height chair (kitchen table, lawn chair etc.) with your feet on the ground (my training and experience recommend this position, as opposed to standing or laying down, which can still have positive effects as well).

I’ve been able to ground inside as well, and even on the second story of a house. You’re not really limited by location, but it feels most powerful to me when I’m directly connected to the Earth.

The idea is that we are magnetic, energetic beings, and the Earth is too. When you connect your feet with the soil or grass, you can pull in positive energy from the Earth into your body through your feet and release non-productive energy (fear, worry, sorrow, etc.) down to the Earth’s core to be neutralized.

There are many fancy videos on the web showing specialized techniques to ground. If you like fancy techniques, then you will love this book, Basic Psychic Development by John Friedlander and Gloria Hemsher. It's pretty technical. You can also watch my video linked above.

However, you can just sit or stand barefoot in the grass or soil and just set your intention to release your and others’ non-productive energy. I say non-productive because all of the energy isn’t negative, but it’s not helping you nonetheless.

It’s great to do any time you’re outdoors - working in the garden or even while walking. It’s more powerful barefoot, but it also works well through leather soled shoes. It’s connecting with the Earth and recharging your batteries. There’s no specific time needed, but you may want to give yourself at least ten-fifteen minutes. You may have a sense that you’re “done”.

A word of caution: if you have any health conditions or are using any electronic devices, like a pacemaker, please consult your doctor before beginning to ground yourself. As with anything concerning your body, please consult a medical professional, especially if you are concerned.

If you have a medical condition that needs professional assistance, please work with your licensed provider. This information is for educational purposes only. Recall Truth LLC is not attempting to diagnose, heal, treat or cure any conditions with any of the information or services we provide. Our communication and services are meant to complement, not replace any medical assistance you are receiving or may receive.

Also, I do NOT recommend any of the man-made grounding devices, such as mats, created to “assist” you in grounding yourself. This is a natural process, like breathing or walking. When man-made devices get involved, things can get unnecessarily complicated and carry risks.

Grounding can be a great release for you! This has been a very high-level overview of grounding. If you would like to see more scientific research and medically reviewed information on grounding and earthing, please let me know!

Most people report feeling lighter and more calm afterwards. That’s worth a try! Have you ever grounded?


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