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Challenge Replays and Materials
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Day 1 Video Replay

Day 2 Video Replay

Day 1 Workbook

Day 1 Assignment - Have you ever used coping mechanisms to deal with energy drain or energy you've absorbed from others? Think about and share how it's affected your quality of life. Share as much as you can - stretch yourself a bit! There's someone who may need to know they are not alone in their struggle.

If it's too personal, you can feel free to share things you do (or don't) to avoid getting overwhelmed and taking on too much energy. Thanks!

Day 3 Video Replay

Day 2 Workbook

Day 2 Assignment

Hot-Cold Shower technique to remove some trapped energy - Take a warm shower with water as warm as you can stand. Burning hot is not necessarily better - just as warm as you can comfortably handle. As you shower and let the water run over you, visualize other’s energy leaving you and running down the drain. After a few minutes, you should feel some relief. When you start to feel better, change the water to as cool as you can stand. Allow this water to run over you for a few minutes. That’s it! This technique works on the principle that hot water opens your chakras (and allows the energy to flow out) and cool water closes them back up. Share your results in the Facebook group or email them over to me. Have fun!* 

*Recall Truth's services and information are meant to complement and not replace, licensed medical care. Please seek licensed medical care, if needed. 

Day 4 Video Replay

Day 3 Workbook

Day 3 Assignment:

Think of at least one friend or family member who drains you or makes you feel like you must accept their energy. Think about how they engage you - talking incessantly or asking for favors that make you uncomfortable (last minute babysitting or borrowing money). Do you feel helpless to refuse this person? How do you feel when they ask you?


You may find that energy work and reprogramming your thinking help you to put your wants and needs first with this person. What would it be like to be able to COMFORTABLY say no or stand up for yourself when this person starts to demand your attention (energy)?

Day 5 Video Replay

Day 4 Workbook

Day 4 Assignment:

Imagine being sensitive to others’ emotions and feelings without picking them up or giving away energy. How would that make you feel and what would you do differently from what you do now?

Day 5 Workbook

Day 5 Assignment: What was your biggest takeaway from this weeks’ challenge? Was it identifying that sinking feeling when someone is draining you and connecting it with certain interactions, was it hope for protecting your energy or maybe even a clearer understanding of your relationship with someone? Please share! 


Prize for Friday’s homework: Trauma release and soul retrieval - private session where I identify trauma that is ready to release and call back soul pieces for you. 

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