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7 Signs Your Child May be an Empath

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Have you ever wondered if your child (or a child you know) is an Empath? Empathy is inherited, after all.

Here are a few signs that you may have noticed:

  1. A child under 7 that is very extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and needs - I know, duh, right? Not really. Most children are not empathetic and aware of other people’s feelings and needs until they are well into grade school, if not middle school.

  2. They are keenly aware of their surroundings and remember many details from places they've only been once or twice. Also, paying close attention to driving directions. Young children (under 12) don't always pay close attention to things that don't concern them directly. If your child is very aware of their environment or frequently notices small details, this could be a sign of a spiritual ability.

  3. They have sensitivity to food - They are “picky” eaters sometimes. Remember, Empathic children may have heightened sensitivity to certain smells, textures and tastes.

  4. They have weird sleeping patterns - Maybe they slept like a log as a baby and are now having issues with waking up in the middle of the night.

  5. They have nightmares or other disturbances at night - Remember many Empaths have an ability to connect with the Spirit realm. If your child is telling you they are seeing things or are scared of the dark, don’t shame them or tell them it isn’t real. You want to assure them that you believe it’s possible that they saw something and not to be afraid of it. Anything to help them know you believe them and that they are safe.

  6. They have an imaginary friend - Again, if your child can see into the spirit realm, they may have the ability to see/speak to/hear their guardian angel or other spirits. Instead of saying it’s not real, ask them about it. Who is their friend? What do they talk about together?

  7. Your child has vivid dreams about the future. This may be related to their abilities as well. Allow them to talk about it. It can be fun to wait and see if their dreams come true later on!

If your child has any of the symptoms listed here and it troubles you (based on your beliefs), you’ll have to determine what to do.

I do want to share with you that when many child Empaths are encouraged to stop or be afraid of their spiritual talents, they will often shut them down out of fear.

This can have a negative effect on the child later, potentially causing a disturbing spiritual awakening later on in young adulthood. Many Empaths have traumatic conditions as teenagers and young adults that reawaken their abilities. If young Empaths are able to keep in contact with their abilities and not be afraid, spiritual awakenings do not tend to be traumatic.

You’ll have to examine, of course, how you want to handle it. But, I do suggest that you discuss these things with your child, rather than scaring or discouraging them away from it.

If you have a particular belief that you feel their ability encroaches upon, discuss it with your child rather than dismissing it.

Simply saying “I believe you and you are safe” can be very important.

If you are very concerned about your child, you may want to seek medical help. If medical help cannot explain/solve what’s happening (or it's dismissed as an irrational childhood fear), you may want to consider a spiritual ability as a cause. You can always email me if you have any questions.

To you and your child's unfettered growth and peace,

Charmaine Diallo, CECP

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Recall Truth and Charmaine Diallo's services are meant to complement, and not replace, help from a licensed medical provider. If you need medical attention, please obtain it.


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