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Empaths: Your body's innate energy protection system

If you’ve ever experienced picking up others’ stress or being overwhelmed at the end of each day,

you’re going to want to hear about this….

Empath Energy Freedom Challenge: A 5 Day Challenge to learn about your body’s natural energy defense system

Stop absorbing emotional energy from others! And, keep your energy for yourself!

We’ll discuss:

Why Empaths pick up and give away energy in the first place

How you already have everything you need to protect you inside you

Why outside methods of energy protection are not fully adequate for most Empaths

Don’t spend another frazzled day wondering if you’ll ever feel energized again!

Join me June 5-9, 2023 1-1:30PM EST/10:00-10:30AM PST daily for a FREE Challenge

See you inside!

Reply with any questions.


Charmaine Diallo, CECP

Recall Truth


Communicate Confidently with your Angels

A comprehensive 5-week course that helps you learn to hear from your guides and confirm your life purpose for your spiritual abilities. 

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