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I’m going to be honest with you - false beliefs are costing you money!

Updated: Jan 10

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False beliefs are extremely exhausting!

It takes an enormous amount of energy to hold yourself away from your natural vibration.

Happiness and joy are your natural way of being.

When we’re going through life, we pick up false messages about who we are and what we deserve. Many of these messages include lack and limitation. You’ll never be good enough. You don’t deserve more than ______amount of success or money, you have to do ______to earn love.

These lies are painful, but many are learned early in life and are even passed down to us. As small children, we accept them as truths even though there’s no basis in reality.

They make us feel bad because they are negative, but also because they are untrue.

Deep down in our inner knowing, being told we’re not good enough or don’t deserve something doesn’t jive and it takes a lot of energy to carry this conflict within ourselves.

Not only is it exhausting, but it also causing us to undercharge for our valuable offerings and try to be friendly instead of serving truth in sales conversations.

If you've been told you’ll never measure up, you may spend extra energy making sure everything is as perfect as possible. You’re avoiding being criticized or “found out” for being the unqualified imposter (you’ve learned) that you are.

You’ve got to know that no matter how anyone looks on the outside, they have issues and inadequacies on the inside.

Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior based on their own screwed up ideas about perfection!

Expended energy worrying about outcomes and others' feelings

Here, you may be concerned with other people’s opinions and estimations of you and your behavior. You may be insecure in your self-worth and skills, so pleasing people makes you think others will accept you.

Bad news, many people are generally displeased with themselves. They think making you conform to their standards will please them.

Bad news, it doesn't!

One common cause for people pleasing is growing up in an environment where you had to win approval or even love. As long as you were doing what they wanted, you received good treatment and were left in peace.

That's why you may feel relief when pleasing others, but frustrated internally because you're breaking your own rules.

How is this affecting your business interactions and wealth? You may try to please a potential client in a sales conversation by saying pleasant things instead of telling them the truth of why they need your support.

As a result, the client leaves feeling pleasant, you lose the chance to support their needs and you lose the sale.

Everybody loses.

Maybe someone told you or you learned that you would never measure up to one of your peers/siblings.

To assuage this aching feeling, you did all that was in your power to prove that they were wrong and you were good enough.

Deep down, you knew you were just fine, all along. However, someone you trusted convinced you it wasn’t true. Again, you are wasting precious mental, spiritual and physical energy proving that you are worthwhile and valuable.

You were making sure things are “looking good” to others, spending energy on explanations and actions that aren’t even necessary. This was me! I was constantly explaining my actions to people who didn't care. All they wanted was for me to be doing and saying what they wanted. Period.

If you’ve kept all your commitments to the people you care about, try letting your actions answer any questions they may have. Chances are, they really aren’t questioning you as much as you think anyway.

Your natural vibration is one of joy and peace, it takes energy to hold yourself down at the level of depression or low self esteem. It’s not natural to be or feel sad.

Meditation and grounding are amazing tools here. They take the depression and false beliefs and lessen their affect on your overall vibration (read: the way you feel most of the time).

To really heal, you’ve got to find a way to rewrite the stories running in the background of your mind, like an operating system. Erasing the lies from your system.

My energy work is one way to completely remove the negative tapes running in your mind. Energy work is simply releasing negative beliefs and emotions that are trapped in our minds and bodies. My wish for you is to free yourself from inherited and life experience energy trauma.

P.S. Someone once asked me why I focus on the negative things, instead of positive? The reality is that there is a lot of good going on in the world. However, if everything were perfect and everyone was sending each other only positive energy, there'd be no reason to write to you. My messages are to help you to create a positive atmosphere for yourself by being aware of negativity and taking action. A leaky faucet doesn't get fixed by you being positive about it. You've got to take action and fix the leak!


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