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Lesser Known Signs of Being An Empath

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Remember, there are many different types of Empaths and every Empath may not experience all or even any of these symptoms.

It is very important for you to note that many of these signs are also symptoms of actual health conditions that need medical attention.

Being an Empath is considered a part of your personality by psychologists. Being an empath is not a considered a negative health condition or mental illness*. (See references below).

Here are a few lesser known symptoms that can indicate Empathic ability:


Seeing sparks of light

Adrenal issues - I had this for years before I understood the cause!

Tingling in your feet or hands - Me!

Tightness in the chest - Me!

Ringing in the ears - Me, too!

Feeling anxious without a reason - I chalked this up to being a teenager and ignored it. Years later, I realized that those weren’t even (all) my feelings!

Vivid dreams you have no recollection of - this is a tricky symptom, but you may recognize the surroundings in the dream are off. You clue is that something will feel out of place, even though you may see people you recognize etc.

Eating issues - usually toward overeating. This was me forever! It was cheap, (more) socially acceptable than drug or alcohol abuse and it was good for numbing the overwhelm!

Substance abuse - Thankfully, I had food!

Waking often at certain times of the morning - In case you didn’t know, waking up at different times can mean different things - 2AM, 3AM, and 4AM. If you awaken at midnight, you may just need to use the restroom :)

Please keep in mind that any of these items could be linked to a condition which needs medical support. Please don’t hesitate to seek licensed medical care if you need it.

On the other hand, if you have already consulted with your medical provider and they weren’t able to pinpoint a cause, your symptom may indicate spiritual abilities.

Have your ever experienced any of these and wondered if it had a spiritual link?

*The services at Recall Truth are intended to complement, and not replace, licensed medical services, if needed.

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