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Meditate to Slow Momentum

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

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Did you have a chance to try grounding? It’s a great way to release unproductive energy and stress.

Speaking of getting rid of negative energy, what about meditation? I’m sure you’ve heard of it before. If you haven’t, it’s simply quieting your mind and giving your mind-body system a chance to rest.

When I first looked into meditation, I thought I had to sit in an uncomfortable position or be into yoga. Turns out, like most things that are good for you, simple works just fine. Sitting comfortably with closed eyes and breathing deeply are the main keys. Closing your eyes is for focus and deep breathing, for relaxation. If you want to do something special on top of that you can, but it's not required.

There are some who are worried meditation may interfere with their religious beliefs or culture, but it’s only a chance to stop negative thoughts and feelings for a while. Thoughts carry energy and if they are positive and uplifting, chances are you feel great!

However, the opposite is also true. Negative, worrisome thoughts attract and create bad feeling energy. Have you ever worried about something before? Of course you have.

Maybe one time, you couldn't remember if you closed the garage door. First, you may casually wonder if you forgot to shut it, then you might worry if the door to the house is locked, then maybe you go so far as to imagine someone stealing your something from your garage. Sounds way out there, but it happens. Our thoughts can spiral out of control when we’re on a negative tangent.

It could go on and on if you let it. Sure, maybe you can just check your smart garage app and see if it really is open. But someone on a negative tailspin will turn even that into something negative.

What if the app is wrong? Maybe the sensor is broken etc., etc. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen often, but many of us have experienced going off the negative “deep end” before.

One thing that can cause this is the negative attraction of our thoughts. The saying “what you think about, you attract,” is very true. Think back to a really bad day you’ve had recently. Maybe it started with you stubbing your toe on the bed, or not having enough hot water for your shower. Simple things you might not dwell on if you had started out in a good mood. You might think to yourself (innocently), "this is going to be a horrible day." Then, your car won’t start or you burn a piece of your hair in the flat iron. Thoughts have attraction. What you think about most, you attract.

Now, you might say, I am very positive, even when things are not going my way. Yes, you consciously may be.

The issue is, you attract what is mostly active in your vibration. Is it the positive, happy thoughts you focus on creating each day, or is it the past disappointments and frustration that you’ve never healed from your system? Just take your current feelings and outcomes as evidence of where you are. Are you feeling happy when you focus on positivity, or does it feel false or fake?

If everything is going well and you feel energetic and happy, the positive thoughts are probably what is most active. However, if you have a basically good life, even a great life, and still you feel chronically exhausted, frustrated or down (especially without a reason you can identify), you may have energy active in your vibration that doesn’t match how you want to feel.

Remember, unless you’ve taken time to heal it, the energy of divorce, car accidents, abuse in childhood or adulthood or emotional neglect can be more active than the positivity you are reaching for. So, despite your best efforts, you still feel exhausted upon waking, dissatisfied with your basically good life or lonely, even among friends.

What can you do about this? Well, the simplest thing is meditation. Meditation is very powerful because you are slowing the momentum of negativity energy. Thoughts like you’re not good enough are lightened and you try to focus on nothing. Remember that saying, if you can say anything good, say nothing at all? That’s meditation.

You might be saying, alright Charmaine you’ve told me to ground and to meditate. I’m super busy, which is most important? My answer is to either combine the two (meditate as you ground) or simply meditate.

Remember, you may not be consciously down on yourself all the time. It’s about what’s active in your vibration. It’s the culmination of all those slights, hurts and disrespect by yourself and others over your lifetime. Meditation helps to slowly take away the power of that negativity.

Negative thoughts or feelings can be like a train going 100 miles an hour. You can't expect to immediately stop the train and head back in a different direction immediately. You must slow the negativity down and even be neutral before you can move in a positive direction. When you slow the power of negative energy (not usually conscious), you leave room for the positive things you are doing (or might start) to have a chance to be a part of your active vibration.

Everyone wakes up at a certain level. It’s that first minute when you realize that you are awake. Most people feel pretty good at that time - until they start thinking about that problem they went to bed worried about or start dreading what must be done for the day.

If you can sit up in the bed when you first awaken and start breathing deeply, counting in your head - instead of checking your phone (especially social media or email) and just take 15 minutes to focus on nothing, you can start the day out a little more calm, a little more positive.

Now, remember, it’s not about controlling your thoughts all day long. That’s a job in itself. It’s about starting out with positive energy instead of just letting yourself fall into a negative pattern. The negative pattern is like a default, unless you consciously do things, like meditation, to change that.

As I was saying, it’s not that you aren’t trying to be positive, it’s about the things that have happened to you that you haven’t healed. That mean first grade teacher, that bully on the school bus (or at work), your first broken heart, that college professor who told you you wouldn’t make it, your or your parents’ divorce, getting cut from a sports team.

Those things in the past may seem distant and unimportant right now, but they were major at the time. And, they left an energetic pain in your heart. You may feel like you’re over it, but they can still affect you.

You may have learned that you didn’t deserve to make a lot of money in childhood.

People around you may have spoken ill of people who were wealthy or even said that it was somehow honorable to struggle financially and work hard. You may think that it isn‘t affecting you now, but consider if you or someone you know is holding onto a job they hate or afraid to ask for a promotion because of how they were raised?

Yes, maybe they are just scared. But, why would they be scared to make more money? When logic can’t explain someone’s behavior or procrastination to do something positive, energy blocks from the past can be an explanation.

If the job applicant is otherwise qualified and experienced, then there’s sometimes something deeper, and most likely from their childhood, that left them feeling unworthy of a more comfortable life or a better-paying job they enjoy. Even though your adult mind knows it’s not true logically, the energy of early experiences can be holding you back.

So, meditation is a good way to slow down the power of that influence, and allow the positive changes you are making begin to have some influence over you.

Meditation doesn’t have to be an elaborate process. You can simply sit in your bed or with feet on the floor, close your eyes and count to 100 (silently). It should take you roughly 15 minutes to count to 100 two times. Counting is a great way to distract you from negative thoughts. It’s neutral, so it most likely won’t take you off into negative thinking (why didn’t I count better?, haha) and it will help keep out other thoughts. Don’t beat yourself up when you get distracted, just gently go back to counting.

Consider trying meditation when you first wake up, before you start stressing and worrying about the day. It’s the best time to lessen the negative attraction of the other thoughts you may have later in the day. Meditation at other times is also good, but chances are you’ll already have some negative thoughts before breakfast. Give yourself 15 minutes of breathing and relaxing upon waking for a week and see if you don’t feel more relaxed. What do you have to lose?

Please note, services and information from Recall Truth LLC and Charmaine Diallo are meant to work in complement to, and not as a replacement for, licensed medical attention. Neither Charmaine Diallo nor Recall Truth LLC are suggesting that any relaxation technique can take the place of medical attention when needed. If you are having physical or mental issues that need medical attention, please see a medical professional.

P.S. If you find yourself falling asleep while meditating, it can be a sign of resistance. If you’ve just awakened, more than likely you’re not sleepy. Check in with yourself if you're dozing off (while in a sitting position) and meditating. There may be something you’re resisting that needs your attention. You can always use my Clarity Meditation to address any resistance you may have. Let me know what you think!


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