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Research into Grounding

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Happy Friday!

Here is more in-depth information on earthing/grounding. I am happy to share some of the findings that come from the National Institute of Health (NIH), as well as several universities and research facilities.

If you missed my previous email, grounding is defined as “reconnecting the conductive human body to the Earth's natural and subtle surface electric charge, an effortless lifestyle activity that systemically influences the basic bioelectrical function of the body.” (Menigoz et al. 2020, 152-160). Put simply, grounding is walking or sitting with bare feet to connect to the Earth to affect a change in the body’s energy.*

Who were some of the researchers?

Doctors and researchers from many different specialities have conducted research on grounding and its effect on the body. Among them are allopathic (traditional) medical doctors, integrative psychologists, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors.

According to research, how does grounding work?

Researchers explain that the Earth’s surface carries an abundant supply of free and mobile electrons that can help stabilize and normalize body systems when they come into contact with the human body.

Oschman, Chevalier and Brown stated, “grounding an organism produces measurable differences in the concentrations of white blood cells, cytokines, and other molecules involved in the inflammatory response” in the Journal of Inflammation Research. (2015 Mar 24. doi: 10.2147/JIR.S69656). They found that grounding reduced or even prevented inflammation after injury or as a result of disease, like arthritis.

What benefit can normalizing the body systems have?

Normalizing body systems means several things, including slowing down the oxidative effects of inflammation and aiding the body’s immune system. (Chevalier et. al, 2012)(Accessed 2 February 2023). When the body has to contend with unhealthy food, stress and environmental pollutants, it creates a reaction called inflammation.

So, as grounding is supporting slowing inflammation, it is thought to be helping the body to deal with stressors that can contribute to illness. Grounding can help balance the body system.

Inflammation is a normal and healthy reaction to foreign substances, including hard to digest food, in the body. The body was designed to contend with conditions like high stress or non-optimal foods occasionally.

Unfortunately, the average person living in the developed world has to deal with high stress, pollutants and foods not designed for our consumption on a much more regular basis than the body was created to.

When you pair high stress levels, convenience eating and other stressors day after day on a regular basis, you are creating conditions for chronic inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation can have negative effects on the body’s state of health, slowing down or impairing normal functioning altogether.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School suggest that “ chronic inflammation is associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and bowel diseases like Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.” (Understanding acute and chronic inflammation, 2020)(Accessed 2 February 2023).

These diseases are some of the most prevalent in our society, unlike infectious diseases and fatal accidents that lowered the standard of living in developed countries over a century ago. Our modern, fast-paced lifestyles leave us constantly bombarded with man-made stressors. If we don’t find ways to eliminate or counteract them, we risk aging prematurely and developing preventable diseases.

What can be done?

Many health care professionals assert that lifestyle changes can be “mitigating factors” in diseases associated with chronic inflammation. (Margina et al. 2020) (Accessed 2 February 2023.) In other words, some of the most common diseases plaguing the United States can be mitigated and potentially prevented by lifestyle choices.

Scientists include grounding as a lifestyle change which may aid in reducing inflammation. Grounding can potentially affect a positive change in the way the body responds to internal and external stresses, including mental, physical and emotional stress. Supporting your body in this way can help prevent some of the most common ailments.

How did grounding contribute to healthier outcomes?

Researchers concluded that the Earth’s electrons have an antioxidant effect on the body, allowing it to prevent and heal oxidative stress (inflammation). This was evident in test subjects whose sleep patterns, injury healing, cortisol levels and back and joint pain, and muscle stiffness and pain were dramatically improved, as compared to those not grounding. Findings were many times 80-90% better than the placebo subjects.

In full disclosure, some test subjects did not ground directly with the Earth, but used grounding mats and other man-made grounding equipment.These items connect to the Earth, but also use electricity to carry the electron charge to another location, such as a grounding mat, rather than having the body touch the Earth directly.

As I stated before, I don’t recommend using any devices to ground. Direct contact with the Earth is the most natural way to do something our bodies were designed to do - ground and connect with a source of healing energy.

Researchers found that coming into contact with the Earth’s electrons can help reduce inflammation. If you have issues with exhaustion, low mood, stress, blood sugar, joint pain, muscle pain or other issues deemed normal with aging, you may want to give grounding a try.

Have you ever wondered how doctors and scientists found that grounding works? Please share any thoughts you had about the findings.

*If you have a medical condition that needs professional assistance, please work with your licensed provider. This information is for educational purposes only. Recall Truth LLC is not attempting to diagnose, heal, treat or cure any conditions with any of the information or services we provide. Our communication and services are meant to complement, not replace any medical assistance you are receiving or may receive.


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