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Shout Out to All The Empathic Guys

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Yes, you!

You are strong and sensitive.

You know you have intuition and you follow it.

You don’t have to have logic and facts every time.

It’s natural for men to have intuition and inklings, too!

This isn’t just a women’s thing.

There’s men’s intuition, too.

Like when you knew your partner was the one,

when you held your kids for the first time,

when you used your spidey senses to save the day,

when you knew that noise wasn’t quite right.

You are to be noticed -

sensitive, caring men

who feel moved to tears by beauty and are in awe with nature.

There’s nothing negative about using your abilities

to protect the ones you love and sense upcoming opportunities.

Maybe they don’t understand you. But, I do.

I’m your friend, the sensitive woman.

I see you kind, gentle man

and I know your worth. Every man has a gentle hero inside him

he may be buried deep.

It’s OK to let him guide you

talk to you when you sleep

Enjoy a little freehand poetry! If you’re not a guy, you can share this with the special men in your lives. Have a wonderful day and much love to all!

Peace and understanding for all,

Charmaine Diallo, CECP

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