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Family Ties to Emotional Suffering

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

You can inherit emotional and mental energy blocks just like you receive eye color from your family.

I was first introduced to energy work over 20 years ago. It was very interesting, but I had no idea it would change my life!

I suffered my entire life from a negative self-concept and feelings of unworthiness. I was raised with all I needed and plenty of intended love and care. I never truly felt loved or cared for. My parents loved me, of course, but I was numb to it because of all of my emotional baggage. A child with emotional baggage? But how? These emotional blocks can be inherited, just like curly hair or green eyes.

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My parents also had their own emotional blocks, which complicated things further. When they may have wanted to communicate love or appreciation, I instead felt the fear, rage and disapproval that was lodged in their bodies coming through. Very confusing!

The world through emotion-colored glasses

Not surprisingly, I had a difficult time forming lasting and healthy friendships and relationships. I viewed the world through a distorted lens of emotional blocks. I took offense easily and my feelings were constantly hurt. I was dubbed “too emotional,” “too sensitive.” I was miserable. I thought something was wrong with me. While most people remember their childhood or teenage years fondly, I honestly do not want to relive those times at all.

And, my life wasn’t a train wreck at all. I excelled in school, and I could easily talk with anyone. I speak several languages. I really had a lot of good things going for me - but I couldn’t shake the feelings of sadness and inferiority. I even completed my degree in Psychology Studies and Human Development. I learned a lot, but couldn’t figure out how to help myself feel better!


And then, I was introduced to emotional and mental energy clearing. I learned that most of my depressive feelings were inherited or picked up while I was still in the womb. Generations of emotional baggage I picked up before I was born. And, my parents had had it passed down to them as well. No wonder families have a hard time ending cycles of abuse, bad tempers, and addictive behaviors.

Help was on the way

I was elated to learn there was a way to free myself from these low moods and suffering that had no correlation to my current life's reality.

I immediately went to work on myself with energy work, got certified to help others and have never looked back. Today, I am positive and feel so much better about myself, my relationships and family. I’ve been able to develop a healthy relationship with food, with my body and allow respectful treatment from others.

I’ve helped others invite more physical, emotional and mental comfort into their lives. I am passionate about my energy clearing work, and I want this joy for you, too! Welcome!

Learn more about my energy work here. Talk with me about energy release here.

Comment below if you've been able to take back your power in an area of your life!

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