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A Different Kind of Weight Loss Support

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Your weight loss struggle could be more between your eyes than on your waistline.

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Why can’t I lose weight? (Or get respect at work? Or get along with my partner? Why don’t my kids listen to me?)

What’s wrong with me?

Ever wonder why no matter how hard you try to do something important to you, it doesn’t work? We all have one or more areas of our lives that are super important, and we put a great deal of effort into them, but haven’t gotten the results we want.

And, the puzzling thing is, we have been successful in so many other areas of our lives. Maybe you have healthy kids, a nice relationship and a good-paying career. But, your body still isn’t where you want it.

You’ve tried all types of diet and exercise. Something may have worked for friends and colleagues you know, but not you.

Don't worry - this isn’t yet another post to motivate you to work harder or try a new gimmick diet. And, I definitely don't teach weight loss!

This is real talk about deep, underlying reasons why you may not have been able to lose weight and keep it off. You want it badly and, every time you step out of the shower and see yourself, you’re disgusted. You’re making an effort, so...what’s up?

Three REAL reasons why you may not be losing weight:

  1. You are NOT being honest with yourself about what you’re actually doing.

  2. What you’re doing is not right for your physical body.

  3. You’ve stopped trying because nothing has worked.

At least one of these reasons may apply to you. ALL of them applied to me. I wasn’t keeping an honest track of what I was doing. I didn’t want to. If I did, I thought, I would have to further restrict myself or change.

When I did begin to take stock of what I was doing, I found that I wasn't binging - even though everyone watching (including me) thought I was! I was actually eating the number of calories my system needed to complete daily activities (ie. survive)!

And, #3 I did eventually give up (in a way) because nothing I did worked. I tried everything I could possibly stomach and nothing worked. I was uncomfortable in clothes meant for my size and embarrassed at the way I looked. I was miserable!

I hadn’t really considered that there could be other alternatives that I hadn’t explored. Everyone was saying cut this out or eat less or do these workouts. And, I was doing it. I didn’t find anyone saying anything different. Until…

My true, authentic reason I couldn't lose weight

I went deep within and got honest about what was truly holding me back. I felt unworthy of a beautiful body. I learned that I didn't deserve to look beautiful and that being overweight made others more comfortable (less threatened) by me.

I hated myself for letting myself get so big (I was 25 pounds overweight). I had no idea that the very exercises and foods that were deemed healthy were ruining my efforts to lose weight. I was mortified.

A New Path to Wellbeing

Because I felt unworthy of beauty and a slim physique, I never ventured outside of the things that weren’t working. I had to do the inner work of coming into self-love and appreciation to even think of trying something new.

And, I had to let go of a lot of learned behaviors and emotional security blankets that were causing me to hit a dead end in weight loss. In the end, I did have to change my diet to lose weight. But, I never had to starve or be super restrictive (ie. cucumber diet).

I never would have found the right ways to encourage my body to drop the excess weight without taking the journey to self-discovery. And, I NEVER could have stuck with the changes until I released thoughts and fears of unworthiness and self-doubt.

Recall Truth is all about helping you remember who you are, who you were really created to be. A person who loves themselves and acts in ways that reflect that. Whether you are trying to lose weight, create an awesome relationship or climb the ladder at work, we work with you to drop the heavy energetic burdens of negativity over your life so you can live to your maximum potential.

This isn’t talk therapy or some session where you spill all your business. You keep your private story, private. I invite you to gently release the negativity you may have picked up in childhood and beyond so that you can live your best life in the present moment. I stop negative momentum built up around those beliefs and emotions and encourage wholeness in your being.

Come chat with me to learn more, or learn more here. See what the all excitement is about! What do you have to lose - just negativity and excess weight, or a negative self-view or a draining work situation, or or or….

Comment here if you've realized negativity could be holding you back in your weight loss goals.


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