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Resolutions in July!?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

How we can develop negative self-image and why energy work can help

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Are you on track for your goals for this year? No? Are you waiting for the last minute or have you given up on them? Why do you have resolutions in the first place? All of our best intentions are for one sole purpose - achieving our goals will make us happy.

Whether you want a new job, a promotion or a loving relationship, your self-concept has a lot to do with your efforts and outcome. Self-sabotage and negative expectations are almost impossible to ignore as you write positive affirmations or force yourself to workout.

Why? Because negative programs are hardwired into our brains from a young age. You may have learned that you weren’t smart, attractive or worthy of good treatment. Maybe no one came right out and said it (maybe they did!), but other kids and adults can easily program children. Even adults are susceptible to social (media!) pressures.

The First Seven Years of Life

Before you turned 7, you were highly impressionable. This is great when you have well-rested, happy and financially stable parents, teachers and community leaders. This time is designated for you to create a positive self-esteem and confidence by watching others with those traits. Unfortunately, more and more adults are burnt out and unhappy. You may be one yourself now.

Even if adults are very careful with their words and make an effort not to take their frustrations out on children, kids see adults and model their self-concept after them. A girl or boy with an overweight parent may grow up with an unhealthy relationship with food or a poor body image. How you feel and think about things comes across, even when you are not talking. Your actions and body language are 90% of your communication.

Your beliefs about how much money, love and success you deserve are programmed in. If you notice, many children only do slightly better, if at all, than their parents in troubled areas like relationships or wealth. Even if they are the first generation to go to college or get advanced training.

Desperation Can Bring About Change

When things are dramatically better from one generation to the next, it is usually due to the desire to succeed being stronger than the negative mental tapes running. But when a person lives in relative comfort and has access to their basic needs, the desire to succeed is rarely stronger than the comfort of staying in the “safe zone” of your negative beliefs.

Why? Because all the degrees and career preparation in the world won’t change a negative self-concept. Education generally functions within the world of logic. You know logically that you should drink more water or take the stairs instead of the elevator. But, emotionally charged beliefs and painful memories don’t respond to logic. If you learned that you were unworthy and still carry the hurtful beliefs that caused it, you can’t reason the suffering away.

A child may grow up to make ten times their parents' income, but still have the same health issues due to a poor diet or the same relationship issues they learned as a child. This is why children of alcoholics become alcoholics themselves at a much higher rates than children who grew up in homes where alcohol wasn’t abused. Most adults, however, will logically agree that excess alcohol can have many dangerous effects.

If you think you can’t, if you think you can…

Motivational recordings and sessions can boost you up and get you excited about changing, but unless you kick out that voice in your head that says, “ You’re not good enough”, or “You won’t finish what you start,” the negative voice will be right.

And, unless you do something about it, it will determine the course of your life. These negative tapes determine just how hard you try and what solutions you create to solve your problems. You’ve got to free up your mind to work for you, and not against you. There are blocks of beliefs and emotions (like fear and anger) guiding your actions. They are a part of your subconscious mind, running in the background, possibly undetected.

I’m here to help

Recall Truth is here to help you break through the blocks. Whether you’re ready to blast through your blocks or gently chip away at them, the pace is up to you. The point is to move forward.

You can receive energy and soul work confidentially, whether in a group or individual setting. My work is all about inviting changes in your thought patterns and the way you view and talk to yourself. When you decide to change negative thought patterns, your subconscious mind begins to work for you to bring about real change.

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