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The Body Keeps a Record of Emotional Hurt

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Welcome! My name is Charmaine Diallo. I use revolutionary energy shifting modalities based on research of doctors and scientists who’ve found ways to release emotional and mental trauma by working with the mind. This system incorporates some of the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bradley Nelson, and Dr. Bessel van der Kolk.

My sessions are all about helping clients just like you to eradicate the possible root causes of physical and emotional pain* without reliving the events.

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Have you ever had to remind your heart to beat?

Of course not! Nor do you have to tell any of your bodily systems what to do or when to do it. Your subconscious mind guides your body and all systems whether you are conscious of it or not. Damaging beliefs and limiting emotions work the same way within your mind. The mind runs on autopilot (unless you step in and shake things up) to keep your body and mind safe from hurt and harm, even though the abuse or mistreatment you suffered may be LONG over.

Our bodies and minds are wired for survival

Our ancestors survived because they remembered which berries were poisonous and that falling down a cavern can really hurt! Your brain, despite modernity, works the same way. Whether you like it or not, your body and mind remember all the pain and disappointment you’ve experienced since birth. It works very hard to protect you from danger.

When you experience emotional or mental suffering, the body associates it with danger, so as not to repeat that event again and keep you safe. So, whenever you come across a bullying situation like the one you had in 3rd grade, your subconscious mind does what it can to protect you. Maybe you became a bully or tried to hide in self-defense. Even though your present-day co-worker bully and you are adults, you may go back into being a bully or hiding when they confront you. If you don’t release this particular fear and protection reflex, you’ll do that every time you’re threatened.

In Dr. Van der Kolk’s book, his research cites that the body keeps accurate records of each difficult experience (your first heartbreak, parent's divorce or sexual abuse) until they can be dealt with. This could manifest in the form of stubborn weight that just won’t go to the inability to create real wealth for your family.

What’s supposed to happen to the trauma energy in our bodies?

We were never supposed to hold on to the emotional and mental energy trauma for decades and decades (or even months or days). In ancient times, traditional healers would remove these emotional troubles from you regularly, like the way we go for routine checkups. In modernity, these practices were traded for conventional medicine. The two actually are complementary. While conventional medicine has its place, it stands to reason that there may be some gaps in the modern approaches. Recall Truth always recommends that you see a licensed professional, if you need to.

All three doctors, van der Kolk, Dispenza and Nelson, have found that the body keeps a record so that the emotionally charged distress can be efficiently removed while keeping the life lessons and wisdom. Recall Truth’s energy healing system is based on these and other scientists’ findings.

How does the energy release happen?

In session, I work with Source energy directly to identify which discomforts are ready to release. Using my unique and restorative processes, I can release the negative energy and stop the negative attraction. If you have any negative energy attachments, like curses, demons or lost souls, I release them as well. Once that is complete, I can bring back any soul pieces that were lost as a result of the emotional or mental heartache.

Your story is private to you

Everything is confidential so no one is actually privy to what's been holding you back. I receive general messages from Source and your angelic guidance team like, “8 years old” “depressed” “starting a new school.” Your privacy is protected. And, most importantly, you don't have to relive the event just to get past it.

My energy healing sessions stop the false mental tapes from running and frees you up to live in your true state of abundance, wellness and happiness. Why be miserable another day? Success and happiness are your birthright!

Learn more about my modalities here and talk with me about your energy healing journey here.

Who do you know that can use a transformation in their life? Please share this information with them. Thank you!

And what about you? Have you ever reexperienced the suffering of an event even though it was long over? Comment yes or no below!


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*Please note all services are in complement to and not a replacement for licensed professional support.


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