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Who Hipped Me to My Spiritual Gifts?

I owe my alert to my spiritual abilities to my favorite kid in the whole world- my daughter!

What? Your kid told you you had spiritual abilities? No, I was alerted to a problem by a kid. A kid who is sensitive to spiritual energy - like her mother.

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I may have dealt with the seemingly endless early morning wake-ups until…..

The spiritual entities (yes, ghosts!) started to wake up my daughter, too! When they couldn't rouse me, they'd wake her up! And, OMG!

It was horrible! I’ll tell you a funny story about it at the Sound Sleep for Sensitives Workshop starting on September 12th.

But for now, just know that she was waking me up (and sometimes my husband, too) every night until I found a solution.

How could I explain to my dear husband that dead people were waking us up? He already thought I was crazy for meditating and journaling. This may have been too much!

Every night, I would wake up and just pray I wouldn’t hear her then tiny feet running down the stairs.

I was so fed up, I decided to try something I never would have had I not been so angry and so TIRED. Find out what I did in the next post!

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