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Remote Energy Clearing = Flexibility + Success

Is this You?

I want to clear negative beliefs and emotional trauma around money

I want to hear angelic guidance for my business and life

I don’t want to meet weekly just to have my energy cleared

Your opportunity for angelic guidance and energy clearing
without in-person sessions is here!

I see it all the time...

Spiritually gifted men and women undercharging or giving their services away for free


Conscious business owners having trouble asking for the sale or overcoming sales objections


Gifted entrepreneurs not being able to pay themselves because they don’t have enough clients 

The good news is, when you resolve the underlying issues, you'll finally be able to call in your soulmate clients with more ease and grace

What if...

You had someone to communicate with your angels and give you a Divine roadmap for success?


You had someone to clear your energy of mental and emotional trauma around money?


You could get rid of negative beliefs about worthiness without attending sessions or completing homework?


You could get all this for way less each month than most programs?


You could see major results in just 3-4 months? 

That’s why I’m excited to offer...

Remote Energy Clearing 

Get a Divine roadmap to business success and
the energy work to clear the obstacles to you following the plan

This monthly subscription is designed to help you identify obstacles and give ongoing energy work to support you achieving success. 


Release beliefs and emotional energy that:

  • make it hard to reach out to potential clients

  • be seen as a healer-entrepreneur

  • keeps you from charging rates that will allow you to pay yourself more. 

BONUS: Everyone who enrolls by May 30th at noon EST will also get an initial FREE Angelic Business Guidance Session! 

In the Bonus session, you'll learn the following from your angels:

  1. your ideal client

  2. your most lucrative offering

  3. how your business aligns with your life purpose

  • Remote Clearing Plan

    Every month

What's Included in  Remote Energy Clearing

Removes blocks to feeling worthy, deserving and confident in your offerings


4 remote sessions per month 

Energetic Protection and Healing especially designed for healers

Weekly confirmations once your energy has been cleared

6 week Zoom check ins to follow up with your angels and answer questions 

Email support with Charmaine to get your questions answered

About Me

Hi, Charmaine Diallo - I’m a Success Coach and Master Intuitive Healer who wants to live in a world where every spiritual business owner can work in their passion and pay themselves well.

Since 2018,  I have been helping spiritually gifted men and women to get angelic guidance on their life purpose for their business and spiritual gifts, understand who their soulmate clients are and how to move forward in their business based on their angels’ recommendations.

I use energy work to clear negative misconceptions, beliefs and emotions about your spiritual abilities, money and business to ​help you create success!


Client Success

Shana Gold photo.JPG

My business has grown so much in one month and I’ve hit my quarterly goals!

I used to depend solely on referrals for business, but they weren’t frequent enough to generate the income I wanted. I’d worked with mentors on business mindset and I felt more ready to actively build my business, but I never took action consistently. After working with Charmaine, I feel relaxed and even enjoy results - producing activities like setting networking meetings and asking for the sale. My business has grown so much in one month and I’ve hit my quarterly goals!

Shana Gold

Executive Communication Coach

Maria Larkin Testimonial.jpg

I’m attracting clients who can afford my offerings and value my work now. 

I was stuck at an income plateau in my business. My clients didn’t value my offers and I had to offer discounts just to make the sale.


Charmaine cleared blocks to deservedness and wealth and now new clients are purchasing my packages full price without money complaints. I’m attracting clients who can afford my offerings and value my work now. 

Maria Larkin, M.Ed, RDN/LD

Functional Medicine Dietitian/Nutritionist at Better Gut Better Health, LLC

Screenshot_20230702-211306~2 (1).png

I have landed important opportunities to speak and promote. I

Charmaine, I'm so glad we crossed paths. I was stuck trying to get my business started and profitable. I was so blocked energetically, I couldn't promote my business or even talk with others about it.


Since we've been working together, I have been able to not only get more support in growing my business, but I have landed important opportunities to speak and promote. I look forward to even more growth and profitability as we continue to work together.

J. Woods, California

Ready to Get Started?

Click below to get started now and

claim your FREE BONUS -

Angelic Business Guidance Session!

Remote energy clearing is a monthly subscription for energy clearing services. It will continue monthly until you contact to cancel with 30 day's notice. Click below to get started!

  • Remote Clearing Plan

    Every month

Still Wondering if Remote Energy Clearing is for you?

Remote Energy Clearing is for you if…

  • You want to clear obstacles to business success such as negative beliefs and emotional money traumas

  • You want healing and reassurance about your gifts and your soul’s purpose for them

  • You want to test drive energy clearing without investing a lot of money

  • You like the freedom of getting energy work done with having to attend sessions​

Remote Energy Clearing is NOT for you if…

  • You want to see instant results in 1 or 2 sessions (it’s possible, but not likely)

  • You are not committed to following your angels’ suggestions and advice

  • You’re making all the money you want 

  • You can easily find clients whenever you’re ready

  • You want to meet in person each week and you’re willing to pay significantly more to watch me clear your energy (If you’d love to see me each week - you can inquire about in-person sessions here)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t have time to start another program (or I’m already in a coaching program).


A. That’s why I’ve created this offer. There’s nothing more for you to do once we start. 


If your register by May 30th at noon EST, you'll have a BONUS session to get business focus and target market from your angels. Then, I’ll be clearing your energy remotely several times a month without you having to do anything further or even meet with me. 


There’s no “work” for you to do. I’ll be removing obstacles so that you can focus on bringing in more clients and receiving more money. 

Q. I can’t afford another program or energy clearing services.


A. I understand completely. I’ve heard this several times and I realized that many people didn’t need to meet with me each week to get the benefits of energy clearing. 


I can work with your angels to clear the money obstacles getting in your way, without a session. As I am clearing your energy on my own time, I can charge far less than when we’d have to coordinate meeting in person.

Q. I don’t have time to complete the program steps each week.


A. There are no steps or modules to complete! You will go about your usual daily activities and I will clear the beliefs and emotional energy that block you from getting new business. It’s truly hands off!


Q. I’m not sure energy work will help me reach my goals.


A. I get it! This low cost offer is a great way to test drive my energy work for the 3-4 months needed to see results. By the end of about four months, you won’t have even spent what one month of a full on program costs and you’ll have much more ease asking for the sale and finding right fit clients.

Q. Why would you offer the same quality energy work you offer 1:1 clients at such a low monthly rate?

A. I understand a lot of healers are not receiving as much money as they need each month. I created this to be a low cost offering for those who need a lift and want to take action right away.


Because I have years of experience and am very efficient, I can clear many people in one day. As such, I can offer a highly discounted rate for just energy clearing that doesn't require I be in any location or on Zoom at any particular time. 


Q. Do you offer a money back guarantee?

A. No and for a couple of reasons:


  1. Energy work doesn't usually have a NOTICEABLE effect on most people until I've been able to clear energy 8-10 times. That will require 3-4 months time of consistent session. If you are dissatisfied after that time period, we can discuss. 

  2. Also, the energy clearing works only if you do. If I clear your energy and you don't take the practical steps your angels suggest, how can we determine what didn't work? 


Besides, you'll be test driving my energy work in remote energy clearing for less than you've paid for some restaurant meals. You have nothing to lose and an amazing experience to gain. Take advantage of this low-priced offer and see!   


So, to sum up, you get…

  • Weekly energy clearing four times a month

  • Energy clearing sessions to clear beliefs and emotions that keep you from receiving more money and finding clients more easily

  • Zoom check in calls every 6 weeks for angelic guidance and to answer any questions

  • Email support between check ins

What are Your Waiting For?

Give you and your business the support you need!


Ready to go from 

just curious and doubtful 

to confidently building your business?


At this point, you have two options...

  1. You can continue as you have been, not paying yourself as much as you’d like 

  2. Or you can get your angels’ business guidance and energy clearing work, so you can finally find clients more easily, reach out to potential clients with less hesitation and receive more money for what you do!


Don’t drive yourself crazy trying build your business without your angels’ assistance!


Sign up for Remote Energy Clearing to attract clients more easily and receive the income you deserve! 


To your most aligned and lucrative business year yet,


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