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How Did You Sleep?

How did you sleep last night? Pretty good? No waking up, you say? Maybe this isn’t for you. *shrugs*

I’d love to help, but if you aren’t sensitive to spiritual energies, there isn’t much I can do for you- right now.

But if you are, oh boy! You’re like me and you have a neon light over your house calling all the spiritual entities in a 3 mile radius to you! Just kidding about the radius, it might be right, but I haven’t checked. Lol

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But seriously, I used to lie in bed each night from about 3:00 AM to 5:00 AM, wondering why I was waking up and getting totally frustrated because I would just be falling asleep when it was time to get up.

I wish I had had the information I will share with you in a few days in my workshop, Sound Sleep for Sensitives!

If you have an inkling your sleep may be disturbed by spiritual energy, stay tuned. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you who helped me figure out what was waking me up!

If you know you’re ready to sleep better, click here to register now!

Charmaine's services through Recall Truth are meant to complement, not replace licensed medical assistance, if needed.


Communicate Confidently with your Angels

A comprehensive 5-week course that helps you learn to hear from your guides and confirm your life purpose for your spiritual abilities. 

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