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The Energy of Discrimination

If you haven’t heard, trauma energy can get stuck in our bodies.

The energy memory of fear or pain from a car accident, for example, can stay with you long after the physical scars have healed.

You can also pass trauma energy on to future generations. If you’re looking for a doctor’s perspective on this, you can review Dr. Bessel van der Kolk’s book - The Body Keeps the Score.

I’m an intuitive energy healing guide and I’ve released generational trauma from client after client (of all races, ideologies and religious traditions), with them confirming religious, cultural, racial, and other trauma their ancestors endured.

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However, you may feel about discrimination, I am offering a different perspective on a widespread issue that affects people in many ethnicities, religious traditions and with other ideological beliefs.

There is trauma when a person is mistreated. It doesn’t always get stuck in the body, but if it is severe enough, the body will hold on to it. It’s as if the body says, “You’ve been mistreated. I’ll keep the memory of this trauma so you can heal it properly.”

And, long ago when people had regular check-ups with healers, the trauma was removed and balance regularly restored.

Unfortunately, many groups of people have been mistreated for a myriad of reasons, and had trauma trapped in the body that was never released. So, when your ancestors were treated unfairly because of their last name, or where they were born, strong trauma may have been trapped, too.

When this has happened over several generations, the effects are compounded.

What’s my point? You may think that you have been discriminated against only because of outward appearance or a characteristic like a religious tradition.

The reality is that possibility PLUS any experienced or inherited trapped energy trauma are a part of the treatment you receive from others.

You attract treatment based on what’s active in your energy field.

You see, just like the scarlet letter, you may be carrying around energy that says you are to be mistreated, that you aren’t worthy of fairness or that you shouldn’t be where other people belong.

Right along with your efforts to attain equality on the outside, you can be clearing away any energy that would allow mistreatment that’s on your “inside.”

Comment YES if you can handle some of the responsibility to heal what your ancestors handed you.


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