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3 AM Wake-ups Every Day?

Updated: Mar 8

I’m not talking about waking up to use the restroom and falling back asleep immediately. I'm talking about I’m-exhausted-but-I-still-keep-waking-up-before-dawn.

Sure, maybe it could be your health, your stress or even that takeout yesterday….

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But really, do you wake up almost every night, or at least a few nights a week?

If you wake up around 3AM without fail, it might not be your health or your stressful day.

It may be that you are being disturbed for a spiritual energy reason. If you are sensitive to energy, there's a lot of spiritual activity from entities very early in the morning! Yes - entities - lost souls.

Lost souls are people whose bodies have died and they didn't cross over into the spirit realms. Angels and positive energy beings are also present, but they don't disturb you without your permission.

Before you go all Ghostbusters movie on me, remember that many lost souls are just looking for help. If you are sensitive to their energy, you may be the only person they can turn to (in your neighborhood).

So, what does that have to do with me and sleeping through the night?

Well nothing, unless you’re sensitive to their energy. If you think you might be sensitive to entity energy, you’ll want to read the tomorrow's post.


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