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"I Can't Sleep: Empathic Kids, Insomnia, and Depression"

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Hello there,

We talked about the importance of rest for empathic kids in my last post. There’s a bit more information I’d like to share with you. If you are a parent whose child suffers with sleeplessness, you already know how difficult it can be. If you don’t have children or your children don’t have this issue, you may still find information here that is helpful and eye-opening for you!

Some sensitive children have insomnia due to worry. Even younger elementary children worry about making friends and teachers who aren’t nice. This can certainly disturb their sleep. Logical, calm talks about school during the day can help with this.

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However, some Empathic children have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD and other neurodivergent conditions. I wanted to make more people aware that sensitive children may not actually have any permanent condition, but may actually just need some lifestyle changes. Your medical provider is the best one to determine this and I simply have some suggestions for your review. Always follow their guidance and use common sense, right?

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Many psychologists and pediatricians have studied differences in children. I am citing information from Dr. Doreen Virtue’s book, The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children, because she specializes in researching and observing sensitive children.

Dr. Virtue has found that some Empathic children who don’t get enough sleep can exhibit behaviors like disrespectfulness, craving carbohydrates, impatience, bedwetting and that mimic attention deficit (Virtue 107).

Even exercise too close to bedtime and antidepressants sometimes prescribed to sensitive kids can also affect sleep. Yes, sometimes Empathic kids are depressed. I was depressed as a teenager and I didn’t know it was partially because I was picking up my classmates’ and teachers’ stress. (Virtue 107).

Night terrors and bad dreams

Some parents brush off fears of “scary monsters” when their sensitive child really can see spirits. We should remember that children don’t always have the vocabulary to say that the monster is really a black energy cloud that comes at night - especially when they are afraid.

If your beliefs don’t support your child having spiritual abilities, you may want to explain what is going on in a way that is comfortable for you. But, saying what they feel/see/hear isn’t real can be very damaging, confusing and hurtful. It was for me!

It may help to say something like”I don’t see/feel/hear what you do, but I believe you. You are safe because Mommy/Daddy/Grandma are here and we’re praying for you” etc. If the visions persist and they are disturbing bedtime, please contact me. You may have a paranormal disturbance that can be easily fixed. (Trust me, it’s not like the Hollywood movies). There’s no reason to suffer or start an arrangement you’re not comfortable with, like letting your child sleep with you.

If you are comfortable, you can have the child ask the Archangel Michael for protection. If you try prayers and have spoken with medical professionals, and you are still having sleep issues, please reach out. I am happy to check on what’s happening in a complimentary consultation. Every child deserves good rest!

Regardless of the reason, more and more children are coming to the planet with needs that we as adults aren’t accustomed to. Many professionals, especially in the psychology fields and in education, are pivoting to accommodate the children, but many are largely unaware of the trend.

These are a few suggestions to help if your child is possibly sensitive and is having issues with sleep. Do you remember being afraid of the dark when you were younger? I certainly was!


Virtue, D., Ph.D, (May 29, 2001) The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children. Carlsbad, CA : Hay House, Inc.


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