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What is automatic writing?

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

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Automatic writing is a way of connecting with your higher mind and angelic guidance team for guidance and ideas. Yes, you can have more than just a guardian angel. There can be a

whole team of angels here to support and help you!

If you research the term, “automatic writing,” you may find a myriad of definitions. No, I’m not talking about some outside force moving your pen or something like that!

I call this type of journaling “automatic” because you are receiving guidance from a higher power, instead of trying to solve a problem or create new ideas on your own.

Your guardian angels and spirit guides can help you find creative solutions. Many people have heard of a guardian angel, but a spirit guide may be a new concept.

Everyone has spirit guides and guardian angels. And, they’re not just there to save you in life or death situations, as many of us have been told.

Your angelic guidance team can help you solve problems and come up with new ideas. They are there to help - even if there’s no emergency! Unique ideas will have space to come to you when your mind is open to receiving help from a higher power. You may even be able to solve multiple issues at once with this method.

Your angelic team knows the best way to solve problems based on your personality, your resistance to certain solutions and your lifestyle.

Here’s how it works:

Have pen and paper, as well as a topic or question ready. Fumbling for a pen or paper once you start trying automatic writing might make it hard to hear answers.

Call on a higher power to help and guide you. Ask for help from whatever higher power you feel comfortable with. If you want to get new and creative ideas, you may need some outside help!

Meditate to relax your mind. You can find more information on a simple meditation technique here. If you like guided meditations or chant style meditations, but are having trouble receiving ideas, consider trying the mediation style described here.

The purpose is to relax your mind to receive guidance from your higher self and angelic guidance team. If you know you are a medium, make sure to set your intention to only speak with your angelic guidance team.

Ask for guidance on your question or topic. You may not receive anything right away. It's not necessarily like a back and forth conversation. Wait patiently to see if anything comes through. When it does, write any ideas or thoughts you may have. Avoid judging or deciding if something is right or wrong.

It may sound like you are thinking to yourself in your head when you receive a message. Don't expect the booming voice of a higher power like in the cartoons!

You’ll be able to tell if the idea or answer is from your team by the way it feels. You’ll see that the message is possibly different than something you thought of before, or it may be a confirmation. The idea is to generate creative solutions. A better name might be "brainstorming with your angels." Not very good SEO, though. :)

If you have been waiting more than 2-3 minutes to receive some information, don’t give up. You can try meditating more or sitting quietly. If you don’t receive something after meditating again for about 5-10 minutes, move on to another topic or stop the activity.

Break on through (the resistance)

If you have a lot of resistance to the topic or the answer is very important to you, you may not be able to receive an answer right away. You may want to start with something light, not earth shatteringly important - like “can I have some new dinner ideas?”

When I first started automatic writing, I would sometimes receive the answer later in the day, when I was not so focused on it any more or in a dream. The point is to get the guidance. When you let go control over the answer - how you receive it, when you receive it - your angelic guidance team can get more information and solutions to you.

This is an introduction activity to channeling. If you already know how to channel, challenge yourself to do it more often or ask to receive guidance in new ways.

Some people ask me if you have to have a spiritual gift to channel or receive guidance. My answer is no. Even people who are more naturally inclined to receive answers may have had to practice to develop the skill. I did!

I believe anyone can develop this skill, just like everyone has guardian angels and guides. It can be very helpful.

Do you use automatic writing? Did you try it? Let me know!

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